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The Accessible Web Author's Toolkit

There are a number of helpful tools out there that can make life much easier for the author of an accessible web site. These include networked and local evaluation tools, correction and repair utilities, WYSIWYG and "raw HTML" editors, and specialized browsers for testing purposes.

Evaluation Tools

These tools can look over your web page and identify potential problems for you to fix, including problems with HTML validation and accessibility pitfalls. Validation and correction should be a standard part of any web development process!

Correction and Repair Utilities

Some tools not only find the problems but assist you in correcting them. Here's some useful links to those.

Web Authoring Programs

There are a multitude of web authoring programs out there, but unfortunately very few of them, as yet, generate accessible or even valid HTML code. Those listed below are useful for web authors who wish to produce accessible web sites.

Accessible Browsers

Many times it's useful to "see" (or hear) a page the way that someone else may see it. The browsers below are useful for that purpose.

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