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Set Your Stylesheet

The AWARE Center website has been designed to use Cascading Style Sheets for all presentational elements. This page will allow you to select a style sheet that works best with your personal needs and preferences to make the page more accessible to you. Changing your AWARE Center stylesheet will set a browser "cookie" to save your preference.

Choose Your Favorite

Select the name of the style to change your setting.

Current "White" AWARE Center Style

Original "Blue" AWARE Center Style

Black and White AWARE Center Style

High Contrast AWARE Center Style

Pseudo-Lynx AWARE Center Style

No Stylesheet

Cookies and Your Privacy

This uses cookies to preserve the stylesheet settings. Your use of this site is not being tracked and no unique identifier has been assigned to you.

Note: Some Browsers Cache Stylesheets

If you have changed your AWARE Center stylesheet and there does not seem to be any change, your browser may have cached the current copy and is not reloading a new version. You can use the link below to correct this, and then come "BACK" to this page: