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Accessible Web Authoring Guidelines

It's not always easy to know how to make a web site accessible; the topic is very broad and because of the potential number of needs out there for various users, it can seem pretty intimidating. Fortunately for us, however, most of the research has already been done and compiled into clear, useful guidelines that you can apply when creating your own websites.

The W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative

The World Wide Web Consortium, or the W3C for short, is the international body of industry-leading corporations, individuals, and organizations (including the HTML Writers Guild) who set the standards by which the World Wide Web operates. Headed by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the WWW and HTML, the W3C develops the technologies and methods for an interoperable global network.

One of the W3C's major areas of interest is the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI, pronounced "way"). Under the direction of Judy Brewer, Director of the Web Accessibility Initiative International Program Office, the WAI team and volunteers develop resources that increase the accessibility of the web, including guidelines for web page content, browsers and other user agents, and authoring tools.

Commentary on the WCAG

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