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Welcome to the AWARE Center!

Welcome to the homepage of the HTML Writers Guild's AWARE Center. AWARE stands for Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education, and our mission is to serve as a central resource for web authors for learning about web accessibility.

The AWARE Center was launched in April 1999 as part of the HTML Writers Guild's annual Web Accessibility Month, a special focus on the importance of designing for universal accessibility. The Center is supported by the Guild's staff and volunteers, and is designed as a resource for all web authors.

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Web Accessibility News

Presenting the latest from the world of web accessibility! If we emphasize HWG activities, it's only because those are the ones we know the most about.

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Authoring Resources

We've assembled a comprehensive list of important resources for web authors creating accessible web pages. These are geared specifically for web designers who wish to learn more about accessible web authoring. Other sites on accessibility have different focus or purpose, but are still of value to web page creators. However, our goal is to provide you, the web author, with the information you need to make your site accessible to everyone.

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AWARE Site Information

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This website was created using HTML 4.0 and CSS Level 2. For increased accessibility, no tables are used for layout, and the HTML conforms to the Strict DTD for HTML 4.0. You can view the stylesheet if you're the curious type. Also, you now have the option to select from a number of stylesheets available.

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The HTML Writers Guild's websites conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines published by the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative. Our pages are checked through the Bobby service provided by the Center for Applied Special Technology. You can use Bobby to check your own pages for potential accessibility problems.

[HTML Writers Guild]

The AWARE Center is a special project of the HTML Writers Guild. The Guild works actively to promote accessible web design and adherence to standards, participating in the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative, speaking on accessible web authoring topics at conferences and shows, teaching online courses in web accessibility, and running this website.

You can help support the Guild's activities by joining the HWG as a Full member. Full member dues are $40 (US) per year, and discounts are available for students, educators, and members with disabilities. Membership includes discounted tuition on HWG online classes and more; if you have enjoyed this site or found value in it, please consider joining as a supporting HWG member!

Set Your Stylesheet!

For increased accessibility, the AWARE Center homepage now uses custom stylesheets that you can select and designate using cookies. The default style is a higher-contrast black-on-white, but several other styles are available as well.

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